Jarvis Commercial

We have a highly experienced team with a wide range of skills and capabilities. Our preference is for complex and challenging development opportunities where Jarvis skills and local knowledge can be employed to best advantage.


We will consider sites with or without planning consent and those with short or long term development potential

  • Redevelopment sites
  • Break ups including partial redevelopment
  • Mixed investment/trading opportunities
  • Mixed housing/commercial sites
  • Sites with gross development value of between £2,000,000 or £15,000,000 utilising in-house resources
  • In excess of £15,000,000 in conjunction with institutional funding or joint venture partner.


If you are seeking new premises in the area of our operations, do not waste time looking for a site for your specific needs. Remember we can accommodate you on any suitable Jarvis site larger than required for your building, so please do contact us.

Vacant Property

We own and manage an extensive property portfolio of residential, office, industrial and retail premises.